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A Shining Blade Ranger wonders why Thackeray’s archery classes aren’t helping…

May 16, 2010

Lieutenant Thackeray: “Archery is more than just a physical strain on the body. You need to work on the mental aspect as well.”

Shining Blade Ranger: I am working on the mental aspect! But somehow I just can’t hit the target!

Shining Blade Ranger: Look! I missed again! I was no-where near hitting the target! *slumps dispiritedly*

…meanwhile, a nugget observes that the archers have neither bowstrings nor arrows. Dooobeeedooo.

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Necromancer Barbie!

May 5, 2010

It’s odd what a clothes fetish I have in Guild Wars, when IRL, I don’t buy all that many clothes! I really, really love how GW divorces how the armour looks from stats. I also love how GW isn’t much of a gear based system at all, but I digress. (more…)

Kralkatorrik, Elder Rot Wallow

April 13, 2010

According to legend, Kralkatorrik is one of the slumbering elder dragons, who’s been snoozing in the middle of Grothmar Wardowns in the Charr Homelands since… before anyone remembers when!

Rotty, though, informs me that Kralkatorrik is the Elder Rot Wallow, far superior to dragons. He cites his own adorably spiny back as a reference. Gotta admit, there is a resemblance…

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Guild Wars Meme: April Fool’s Style

April 1, 2010

April Fool’s in Guild Wars – Rotty’s All Grown Up!

April 1, 2010
My favourite minipet above all other minipets is my plump, juicy, scrumptulescent Fungal Wallow – Rotty!

Rotty is now so talented that he can shapeshift! Yes! (Some people claim that I’m just carrying multiple minis, but that’s lies, ALL LIES!)

So naturally, I had to bring today’s Improved Rotty to meet his proud relatives, Sheena and Brutus.

I’m so proud to say that Rotty has outgrown them both. *wipes a tear*

(P.S. That’s Rotty to the right.)
(P.P.S I just turned 1 year old in GW a month or so ago, and Anet gave me a … Rotty. Fated I tell you!)
(P.P.P.S That tiny little thing on the ground is me. If you can even see me. Apparently in order to grow so large Rotty ate my molecular ?pixecular? mass while I was sleeping.)

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A ChibiWren and ChibiGwen Tea Party

March 31, 2010

Halp! I can’t believe I just bought an armour set to match ChibiGwen. I think I need help.

…now if I could only get back to pre-searing for the other Gwen…

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Channelling the Inner Pink

March 28, 2010

Considering I don’t own a single item of pink of clothing, my characters sure do wear pink a lot…

I think my repressed Inner Barbie is trying to tell me something.


Kodash Bazaar Ritualist Swimsuit Special

March 27, 2010
a.k.a. I’m Too Lagged To Vanquish


…and it looked so romantic, too

March 27, 2010

Such a romantic balcony view, complete with waterfall, exotic architecture, rolling hills and a sunset.

Or it would be, if the balcony wasn’t a foot taller than me.

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Guild Wars Meme Virus | Kill Ten Rats

March 26, 2010