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Ze Weekly Nuggetsketch

May 22, 2010

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One thing I’ve noticed about Asian games vs Western ones – Asian games have boys that are sooooo much prettier! (At least, to my tastes, anyway. ;)) (more…)


Ze Weekly Nuggetsketch

May 16, 2010
I blame this week’s random comic book femme fatale type on Travis Hulsey who filled my head with comicbook talk shortly before I waddled off to scribble this…

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Moar ZBrush Fun!

April 29, 2010

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I’m like a kid in a candy store with ZBrush right now! >.> Or, as an old friend says, like a Pikachu on crack.

Butbut… so many TOYS!

After sculpting the model, I started playing with polypaint, which lets you paint textures, material, and colour directly onto the 3d model.

Then I kinda got distracted by trying to render skin using skin textures, and running around the interwebz checking out lighting and stuff.

And then came render… look at all those buttons, OOH SHINY! *has a Kikigasm*

As a result, half the poor fellow’s hair (well more than half, to be honest), is unpainted, since I ran off in all directions at once, poinging in glee. XD

In some ways, I think being a newbie at anything really opens up so many possibilities, because you do things in strange ways, before you realise that people don’t do them that way.

Apparently, it’s generally not done to render hair directly in ZBrush, without extensions or plugins of any sort… which is what I’ve done here.

I think the eyebrows work well, and with some work, the main hair could be decent. However, I haven’t figured out how to do eyelashes and still keep my model in 3D form. Those are apparently either modelled with the snake brush tool (among others) in 2.5D, or added in post-pro in Photoshop.


…really should at least block in the rest of the hair though. XD

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Ze Weekly Nuggetsketch

April 25, 2010

Ze Weekly Nuggetsketch

April 18, 2010

Part of what I’m trying to do with these weekly sketches, (other than prodding myself into not being so darn lazy about sketching) is to get myself to ‘loosen up’ stylistically. Not to have this neurotic desire to delete each and every single ‘mistake’, and instead, to work the ‘feeling out’ lines into the sketch.

Intellectually, I know that madly deleting lines left and right can lead to a piece that isn’t as rich as those where the feeler-lines (can’t think of a better term right now) are left alone to do their thing. Soooo here’s me mentally slapping my hand going, ‘No! No eraser (tool)! Bad nugget! Leave it! Erase only for highlights!’

I think it’s working – especially compared to my first sketch of this series (bleck!) but still a long way to go towards training myself NOT to twitch for the eraser. XD

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Ze Weekly Nuggetsketch

April 11, 2010

^_^ This week, I actually know who the random person is! Or is supposed to be.

Inspired by Hal Duncan’s Book of All Hours Series (Vellum and Ink), here’s Josef Pechorin.

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Ze Weekly Random Nuggetsketch

April 4, 2010

Soooo… every year I tell myself I should be less lazy about sketching/painting, and do more un-work related stuff. Of course, being a sluggy nugget, I usually fail to be less lazy. *mourn self*

However, in yet another one of these twitchy attempts, I am now attempting to whip myself into doing at least one random sketch of someone, something, whatever, at least once a week.

And sooo we has: Ze Weekly Random Nuggetsketch!

I dunno who the chick is. These random people showing up on my screen, who are they? Who knows?

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