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BBC – BBC Internet Blog: A new global visual language for the BBC’s digital services

April 18, 2010

Lots of details on the processes involved in achieving a modern, cohesive corporate identity on the web, while leaving room to keep the look of each section fresh and interesting.

Even has bits and bobs on site display on mobiles, from iPhones to teeny, tiny Nokias like mine.

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Luxury Chartered Flights Proof-of-Concept Mocks

March 31, 2010

Client was looking for an exclusive, sophisticated site design for chartered flights. These mocks are all about the elegance of simplicity – making information easy to find, while emphasizing the whole idea of flight through airy lightness.

I usually try to avoid ipsum lorem in my work, as I feel that it’s much, much better if some kind of content can be provided – even if it’s only dummy content that I’ve created from surfing the web and googling my subject. However, in this case, ipsum lorem did creep in, because I wasn’t provided with the info I needed to fill in even the most basic blanks.

This is part of the work I did while at Clique Interactive.