April Fool’s in Guild Wars – Rotty’s All Grown Up!

My favourite minipet above all other minipets is my plump, juicy, scrumptulescent Fungal Wallow – Rotty!

Rotty is now so talented that he can shapeshift! Yes! (Some people claim that I’m just carrying multiple minis, but that’s lies, ALL LIES!)

So naturally, I had to bring today’s Improved Rotty to meet his proud relatives, Sheena and Brutus.

I’m so proud to say that Rotty has outgrown them both. *wipes a tear*

(P.S. That’s Rotty to the right.)
(P.P.S I just turned 1 year old in GW a month or so ago, and Anet gave me a … Rotty. Fated I tell you!)
(P.P.P.S That tiny little thing on the ground is me. If you can even see me. Apparently in order to grow so large Rotty ate my molecular ?pixecular? mass while I was sleeping.)

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2 Responses to “April Fool’s in Guild Wars – Rotty’s All Grown Up!”

  1. Hunter Says:

    I don’t think theres another mini-pet i want less. I like how you nicknamed him though.

  2. nugget Says:

    Aie! You just have not Seen the Light yet! Someday, Rotty will seduce you with his voluptuous curves!

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