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April 21, 2010

I wrote the last post just before bed, moments after announcing in the guild forums of Sidhe Devils, the guild that Cassie and I led for the last several years, that Cassie and I are closing the doors on Sidhe Devils permanently.

Sidhe Devils is done. Rather than turn over leadership to someone else, we’re going to close the doors and ask folks to move on to more active, vibrant, forward looking guilds. We’re going to liquidate the bank, mail out the gold to the players that are left, and bid everyone a very fond farewell.

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Say NO to Tree of Life on Cooldown in Cataclysm

April 12, 2010

Tree of Life form on cooldown instead of permanent in Cataclysm. There goes any inclination, however miniscule, I had to re-sub to WoW.

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Alterac Valley Weekend Haiku

April 9, 2010

5k honour with
Just 3 honourable kills.
Woot! AV Weekend!

[I wrote this one AV weekend, back when I was still playing WoW…]

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