Ze Weekly Nuggetsketch

Part of what I’m trying to do with these weekly sketches, (other than prodding myself into not being so darn lazy about sketching) is to get myself to ‘loosen up’ stylistically. Not to have this neurotic desire to delete each and every single ‘mistake’, and instead, to work the ‘feeling out’ lines into the sketch.

Intellectually, I know that madly deleting lines left and right can lead to a piece that isn’t as rich as those where the feeler-lines (can’t think of a better term right now) are left alone to do their thing. Soooo here’s me mentally slapping my hand going, ‘No! No eraser (tool)! Bad nugget! Leave it! Erase only for highlights!’

I think it’s working – especially compared to my first sketch of this series (bleck!) but still a long way to go towards training myself NOT to twitch for the eraser. XD

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