Flickr Photo Download: The Spectrum of User Experience

May 12, 2010

Those Who Design Flash Sites Without ‘Skip Intro’ Should Be Forced to Rewatch Them for All Eternity

May 10, 2010


May 10, 2010

A wonderful tool for picking colour variations in any given colour scheme.

It’s presented as something for web designers – but I think any visual artist will appreciate this. =)

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Ze Weekly Nuggetsketch

May 8, 2010

Kurt Nilsen & Elin Gaustad: Water is Wide

May 8, 2010

I love this song. And also, incidentally, Kurt Nilsen. Elin Gaustad’s new to me, but she’s got a lovely voice too. =)

One of the things I get asked, (generally at work and whatnot), as a ‘social, conversation-maker’ type question is – so what sort of music do you like?

I tend to say I like quite a few different things… but if I mention ‘folk’ (which I know, I know, is a horribly broad category to use), all I get is totally blank looks.

People familiar with this song (which is still alive and well!), may not, in turn, realise that it’s probably a Scottish folk song which has been sung in one form or another for the past 400 years. Scarborough Fair is another good example of a popular song that goes back to the 1600s or so, that isn’t commonly identified as a folk song.

Scarborough Fair’s particularly neat, because it’s sung with the man asking the lady to win him back – which was really quite transgressive for the general period in which the song was written. For loads of interesting little details (and nuggets! ahem),have a look here. Grain of salt of course, since I’m ‘quoting the intarwebz!’. Also, I don’t think that site was the originator of the interesting information… but I can’t find the original site anymore. Ohnoes. 😦

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Necromancer Barbie!

May 5, 2010

It’s odd what a clothes fetish I have in Guild Wars, when IRL, I don’t buy all that many clothes! I really, really love how GW divorces how the armour looks from stats. I also love how GW isn’t much of a gear based system at all, but I digress. Read the rest of this entry »

Al Jazeera English – Asia-Pacific – Australia overhauls cigarette packs

May 3, 2010

From 2012, “Australia is set to ban branding, logos, promotional text and colourful images from all packets of cigarettes in attempt to dramatically cut the number of smokers in the country.”

Interesting design problem, this. I think the branding might move onto the cigarette itself, so that smokers become the advertisements, rather than the packaging. Of course, it doesn’t help with brand differientation on the shelf, but hey…

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Eggceptionally Suggestive… Well… Eggs

May 3, 2010

Moar ZBrush Fun!

April 29, 2010

See and download the full gallery on posterous

I’m like a kid in a candy store with ZBrush right now! >.> Or, as an old friend says, like a Pikachu on crack.

Butbut… so many TOYS!

After sculpting the model, I started playing with polypaint, which lets you paint textures, material, and colour directly onto the 3d model.

Then I kinda got distracted by trying to render skin using skin textures, and running around the interwebz checking out lighting and stuff.

And then came render… look at all those buttons, OOH SHINY! *has a Kikigasm*

As a result, half the poor fellow’s hair (well more than half, to be honest), is unpainted, since I ran off in all directions at once, poinging in glee. XD

In some ways, I think being a newbie at anything really opens up so many possibilities, because you do things in strange ways, before you realise that people don’t do them that way.

Apparently, it’s generally not done to render hair directly in ZBrush, without extensions or plugins of any sort… which is what I’ve done here.

I think the eyebrows work well, and with some work, the main hair could be decent. However, I haven’t figured out how to do eyelashes and still keep my model in 3D form. Those are apparently either modelled with the snake brush tool (among others) in 2.5D, or added in post-pro in Photoshop.


…really should at least block in the rest of the hair though. XD

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Ze Weekly Nuggetsketch

April 25, 2010