is da main nuggetblogsite nao!

Having discovered posterous, I find it has an interface and whatnot that suits this nugget ever so much better than WordPress.

Posterous stops me from being lazy! O.o I actually post, when I use posterous!

So if you’re still commenting here, I’ll get down to it eventually… Since posterous also autoposts to this blog.

But this place won’t be as tidy, taggidy, or taken care of.

What measley current readers I have on here, *squees on you all!* please do change the nugblog addy to


(P.S. part of the reason for the shift is Posterous, imo, handles images much more intelligently than WordPress. And being a visualnug, that’s a huge plus. -_- WordPress keeps distorting my images because of the poor resizing… The previous post is the only one whose resizing I’ve bothered to fix. And now I’ve realised that I *can’t* be bothered to fix all the others. >.> So please moof to the otherblog! *grovel*)


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