Emo Vampire Pr0n – Nugget, the Next Evolution?

I’ve started work on the final rendering for my pron art entry for a contest at Erotic Signature.

Below is a detail of the current work, titled Thirst, followed by more links. I haven’t put up the full image here because some of it is possibly NSFW (depending on how conservative your work environment is). It’s not hardcore, though I may explore that option in the future. The NSFW larger links are given, and marked as such.

Thirst - Detail 1

http://www.nuggetart.com/thirst8.jpg [Detail, Larger version of what’s on this blog]
http://www.nuggetart.com/thirst13.jpg [Detail, NSFW]
http://www.nuggetart.com/thirst14.jpg [Main piece, NSFW]

So far I’m having a lot of fun with this piece, and I hope to finish off the rendering of the guy by the end of this Christmas/New year holiday. The background should hopefully be done a week after that. I may finish it faster, but the sad fact is, when it comes to personal work I do tend to get sluggy…

I think porn-erm-erotica as an art genre is something I’d really like to explore further. I’ve some tentative plans to do at least one piece in this same genre per month in the coming 2009. If I manage to get them done, who knows… perhaps I will be able to attempt to start painting tasty nekkid girlies for a living instead of my design-and-everything-else-renaissance-nugget day job.


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