ZOMG! I quit World of Warcraft!

…which is why I suddenly have time for a blog.

When I left, I had 10 level 70 characters in varying levels of gear. The best ones were badged out semi-lower end raid and all-heroic gear, the babiest ones were… green and blue like pretty bruises! 7 Alliance, 3 Horde. I was a late Horde bloomer, I blame the gnomes and their evil mecha-chickens of doomlove. 😦

In some ways it feels like WoW stole 3 years of my life.

I quit the day the WotLK came out (13th November 2008), and I’ve just felt so FREE since then. If you’ve ever had really long hair – like say, down to your waist, then decided to lop it all off for a pageboy cut, that’s what quiting WoW felt like.

Since quitting, I’ve managed to finish long overdue updates to my online portfolio at www.nuggetart.com, as well asΒ  a painting that’s been limping along for anywhere from 1-3 years. 3 if you count from the time the base sketch was done, 1 if you count from the colour study.

The painting’s my biggest so far at about 1m by 0.5m, and it seems like all my future works are going that way.

Below’s a teensy portion of what it looks like.

Bigger versions are viewable on my perkywren DeviantArt page.

I paint with a Wacom pad (the smallest, cheapest one) and PShop 7 – because I haven’t worked with a company that had a Mac PShop I could steal since Pshop 7. πŸ˜‰

I use CS at work though.

Unfortunately, quitting WoW also means that I’m out of a virtual world home again. Though to be honest, WoW never felt like home. More of a hotel where there was always a happy little frag party going. πŸ™‚

Before being eaten by WoW for 3 years, I did have a virtual world I called home.


If you don’t know what a MUD is, in simplistic (and therefore inaccurate) terms, it’s an MMORPG without the graphics, and without the “Massive”.

In metaphorical and (to me) slightly more accurate terms, MUDs are to MMORPGs what books are to movies.

If you’d like a longer explanation,Β  I’ll just shamelessly quote from an article I wrote because I’m too lazy to find somebody else’s definition that I like. πŸ˜‰

For those unfamiliar with what MUDs are, the acronym ‘MUD’ is an abbreviation for ‘Multi-User Dungeon’.

Though the name ‘MUD’ is possibly derived from those very old computer role-playing games which offered little other than dungeon crawling, monster-slaying and the accumulation of wealth – MUDs are far more than simple run-of-the-mill dungeons populated by a few inhabitants.

MUDs are essentially text-based virtual worlds containing objects (continents, landscapes, furniture, trees, buildings, food, etc) and people (players) as well as mobiles (NPCs) to interact with. They are made up purely of descriptive and (depending on the situation) narrative text, and interaction by players is via text-based commands.

The virtual world provided by a MUD can in turn be the foundation for a virtual community of players. Should you find a MUD with a large enough community, there is bound to be – as is usual in any human society – politicking, scandals, romance, murder and so on, and so forth.

If you only ever play one MUD, make it Legend. Of course I’m biased. But I’ve also actually been to and played with (for varying amounts of time) at least half of the 1,500 or so MUDs on mudconnector.com, so I do have some sort of basis for comparison.

LegendMUD was my virtual home for 8 years or so. I did a lot of my growing up there, and met some of my closest friends – some of whom I consider my real family (as opposed to biological family), in that virtual space.

While it’s no longer the place for me, I owe LegendMUD a lot. So much of what I learned there still serves me well today. And other stuff… well it may in the future. Right now I just have it because I like learning and it’s filed under ‘Nifty Stuff’ in the nuggetbrain.

Stuff such as (in no particular order):

  • The ability to write concisely and beautifully within a string of 79 characters, including spaces, when I have to
  • A passion for studying social structures in virtual communities, and how game architecture and design can influence social hierarchies via power, prestige, pecking orders – the usual
  • Dear, dear friends, some who are effectively family
  • My nickname among friends – nugget. I uh… got a minor award for extremely convincing roleplay of a McNugget
  • An enduring love for elegantly designed game architecture especially when it comes to your usual Sword and Sorcery genre with lots of combat (mmm combat)
  • Writing ability and polish – no matter how badly you write, if you write constantly, every night, for 8 years running, you get better at it

There are probably a couple more things, but those are the ones that come to easily to mind.

So, right. I’m back to worldhopping a-la MUDs and hoping for a world with enough depth to be a home again. I don’t know if I’ll find it, but looking is fun in its own way. I’ve been through a couple of MUDs already since leaving WoW, some more flawed than others.

…if you’re going toΒ  flaunt ’14 years of development, and 28,000 rooms’ then you really shouldn’t have just one, lonely capital city that’s a smaller Midgaard with the best bits (ZOMG mutant factory!) taken out. Among other things.

I’ve really missed text-based worlds. Someone I was reading recently (I can’t recall whom offhand 😦 ) wrote something that rang very true for me, about how our current graphical capabilities can show you that someone’s 6feet tall, standing 5 feet away, and whether or not you can fry them with a fireball – but really doesn’t tell you anything about their emotional state. For me, with technology the way it is now, words are still more eloquent in that arena than MMO graphics could ever be.

Also (and I have this also there to sneakily connect a totally tangential and unrelated thought, yes, my mindbending powerz are at work!), don’t try explaining to the average WoW player, (you know, that great DPSer you picked up in a PUG and grouped with repeatedly for quite a while thereafter) that you’re leaving because WoW’s architecture no longer holds the aesthetic appeal and elegance it once did for you. Being a crazy nugget, I tried. The conversation went something like this:

<MadGoodDPS> So you’re quitting cause you’re angry that they’re doing updates.

<Nugget> Eek, no no, I love that they’re doing updates. I think it’s wonderful. I just don’t think this system is for me anymore. It’s not really aging gracefully and with the dailies and whatnot the economy is just really harsh on real, new players. I don’t like where this design model continues to go in terms of raiding and how things like that are handled…

<MadGoodDPS> So you’re saying you’re quitting cause you think this game takes no skill!

<Nugget> Eek! No um, that’s not it at all. Look. Have you ever been madly in love with someone for a long time, then one day, you wake up and bam! You no longer have the slightest idea why you thought she was hot. Or you do, but you just don’t feel it anymore. It’s something like that!

<MadGoodDPS> Uhh… you having personal problems?

<Nugget> Um… no nevermind. I guess I’m just bored with WoW.

Since then my friends have alas been subjected to many crits via WallofText in IMs, because the Nugget of Spammy Doom is back.. Woot!

(Incidentally, the word Woot won Mirriam-Webster’s Word of the Year for 2007! Woot!)

And so, in my newly free and productive life, I’ve decided to enter a porn art contest! Well… they call it erotica, but until someone pays oodles for it, it’s pron! Me, cynical, never!

Deadline’s mid-January 2009. I’ve already done the initial draft, but it has a huuuuuuuuuuuuge stained-glass window as part of the background, and I haven’t thought of what imagery goes in there yet. I plan to have that, and the base colour study done by the end of this weekend.

About the piece – not quite ready to show it yet. It’s very goth. 😦 This makes me sad and horrified with myself. My stronger pieces tend to have distinctly gothic elements. This is upsetting because I think that goths in general are silly. And not in a good way. Except Tim Burton and Edward Gorey of course!

Also on the table after the ES pron contest (maybe I should stop calling it that. Nahhh.) is learning Blender and either actionscript or Java.

I swear. I have my life back.


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